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Our story

Find out more about us, our children’s clothes and our dedication to you

At Rikiki, we’re committed to providing you and your little ones with top-quality designer children's clothes for affordable prices.

Our mission is simple: we want your children to be comfortable and happy in stylish clothes.

With so many cheap, low-quality children’s clothes available today, we’ve decided to go back to basics and sell designer clothes that are well-made and undeniably stylish. Whether that’s vintage chic dresses for a party, stylish and warm, snuggly coats to keep your little one warm in the winter, or just a soft comfy romper suit for your adventurous toddler, Rikiki’s products are a cut above the rest.

Children dressed in fashionable clothes reminds us of our own youth and all the good memories that come with it, so we want your children to feel the same way.

Our collections are carefully put together with your happiness and convenience in mind. There’s nothing better than seeing your little one happy and comfortable in their own clothes, but we aim to ensure all our clothes are also easy to clean, durable and practical.

You’ll find timeless designs, colourful patterns, and perfect combinations of fabrics which are ideal for everyday wear. We don’t hold back on special occasions either, and our incredibly beautiful and stylish outfits are ideal for weddings, birthdays and christenings too.

To top it all off, our range of children’s clothes also come with complete collections of suitable accessories; from comfy tights, snuggly socks, pretty bows and much more.


We’re dedicated to helping local communities

Clothing is one of the necessities in life and it’s as important for our economy as it is for our children.

We pride ourselves on working with emerging, innovative children’s clothes designers to help them grow their business and their name as much as our own. While we could work with bigger manufacturers for a lot less, we feel it’s more important to give back to local communities thrive. That’s why we make every possible effort to purchase our stock from designers and manufacturers in the UK and Europe that offer fair wages to their workers.


What does Rikiki mean?

Rikiki means “tiny” in French, just like the little ones we provide clothes for. Rikiki is a business that was inspired and started by our own family. We chose this name as it perfectly sums up what we do as a business: provide clothes for your little ones and help little local businesses grow while we do it.


Want to chat to us? We’re happy to help. Feel free to call  or email us with your question and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.